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American Diabetes Association Meeting, Orlando
Friday, 22 June 2018

We look forward to attending this conference, where the results of the large scale Randomised Controlled trial with our technology will be presented in public for the first time by the Principle Investigators in the study.

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Key patents granted in Europe and Eurasia

by Rasmus Lundquist

Reapplix ApS, developers of the unique LeucoPatch active wound therapy, have today announced that they have received notification that key patents have been granted in Europe and in Eurasia. The European patent office have granted Reapplix’s patent on the device used when producing a LeucoPatch, using the unique 3CP™ technology developed by the company (European patent no. 2618865). Furthermore, the Eurasian patent office have granted Reapplix’s patent protecting the unique triple layered structure of LeucoPatch (patent no 022026). Reapplix has strong patent protection across multiple key territories.