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American Diabetes Association Meeting, Orlando
Friday, 22 June 2018

We look forward to attending this conference, where the results of the large scale Randomised Controlled trial with our technology will be presented in public for the first time by the Principle Investigators in the study.

  • Positive outcome data of large Randomized Controlled Trial presented at American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions & Reapplix business update

    Reapplix has announced that positive outcome data of an independent Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of LeucoPatch® was presented at the American Diabetes Association 78th Scientific Sessions meeting in Orlando, Florida. 269 people were randomized to either usual care or care supplemented by weekly application of LeucoPatch®. The primary outcome measure for the trial was healing within 20 weeks of randomization and the trial found a significantly higher incidence (p=0.0235) of healing (Odds Ratio 1:58, a 58% increased chance of healing) in those receiving LeucoPatch®. Based on this strong clinical evidence, Reapplix has moved forward with key corporate appointments and formed Reapplix Inc, based in Texas, to bring its technology to the US market.

  • Dr. Magnus Löndahl presented Clinical experiences with LeucoPatch and the status of the large RCT at the Innovations in Wound Healing meeting.

    Interest among the mainly US clinicians was high and they were pleased to hear that all patients have been finalized and the database closed for analysis. Just like the Reapplix team, they too are eagerly awaiting publication of the results in 2018.

  • Reapplix scientific team presented data at The Diabetic Lower Extremity Symposium

    Data from the Reapplix and University of Copenhagen cooperation were presented at The Diabetic Lower Extremity Symposium: From Innovation to Therapy held November 2.-3. at The Harvard University in Boston.

  • Reapplix presents poster at Diabetic Foot Study Group meeting in Porto

    The Reapplix team have the pleasure to participate at the 14TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE DFSG, 8-10 September 2017.

    A poster on the “Immunological perspectives of LeucoPatch treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer” will be presented.

  • Reapplix announces new US FDA 510(k) clearance for expanded system, including automated centrifuge, a further advancement of its regenerative wound care technology

    Reapplix today announced that it has received US FDA 510(k) clearance for its 3C Patch System® including the 3CP Centrifuge.

    This new 510(k) clearance expands the 3C Patch System® to include Reapplix’s new 3CP Centrifuge, which features optical sensors and automates the process of producing a 3C Patch®. This further improves usability as health care professionals now need just a few minutes’ hands on time to prepare the 3C Patch. The proprietary 3CP Centrifuge further enhances the simple to use 3C Patch® device technology.

  • New clinical trial to evaluate LeucoPatch® in the treatment of malleoli ulcers

    Reapplix today announced that it is funding a new clinical study for LeucoPatch®, on the healing of ulcers on the malleoli, a bony prominence on the ankle, which are often very hard-to-heal, due to the thin layer of tissue over this area.

    LeucoPatch® improves wound healing by concentrating cells and growth factors from the patient’s own blood and applying them to their wounds. Through this, LeucoPatch® is able to accelerate healing and improve clinical outcomes.

    The LiDMUS (LeucoPatch® in Diabetic Malleoli Ulcer Study) study will evaluate both the effect of LeucoPatch® on wound healing and the effect on the local wound environment.

  • Reapplix confirms new funds raised

    Reapplix today announced that it has successfully closed a new funding round of €2.7 million. This new funding was provided by the existing investors, SEED Capital Denmark, Novo Seeds and Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund).

    The new funding will be used to provide continuing forward momentum to the final stages of pre-revenue value creation through to 2018, when Reapplix intends to raise further growth capital in order to undertake the full commercial launch of its lead product, LeucoPatch®.

  • LeucoPatch® Trial to continue following Interim Analysis

    Reapplix today announced that it has been informed by the Trial Steering Committee for the ongoing LeucoPatch® Randomized Controlled Trial ( NCT02224742) that a planned interim analysis has been performed. The purpose of the planned interim analysis was to re-estimate the sample size (up to 352 patients if needed) or to stop for futility. Following the planned interim analysis, Reapplix has been informed that the trial will continue to the originally estimated sample size of 250 participants.

  • Reapplix receives US FDA 510(k) clearance

    Reapplix today announced that it has received US FDA 510(k) clearance for its 3C Patch System™.

    Reapplix’s proprietary simple-to-use device technology has been cleared for the following indications for use: “The 3C Patch System™ is intended to be used at point-of-care for the safe and rapid preparation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) gel from a small sample of a patient’s own peripheral blood. Under the supervision of a healthcare professional, the PRP gel produced by the 3C Patch System™ is topically applied for the management of exuding cutaneous wounds, such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, and diabetic ulcers and mechanically or surgically-debrided wounds.”

  • New paper published studying the impact of LeucoPatch in chronic wounds

    A new paper has been published in Clinical & Experimental Immunology. As each LeucoPatch contains a substantial number of leucocytes, the aim of the study was to investigate the activity of the polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) within the LeucoPatch.

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