How many LeucoPatch® treatments are needed?

This varies from patient to patient and from wound to wound and there is no definitive answer. Typically, it takes several applications to start having an effect (usually there is a visible effect after 2-3 treatments)
Data from our Cohort study (Wagner Grade I and II Diabetic Foot Ulcers) gave a mean treatment time to healing of 11 weeks (11 weekly treatments) with a range of 3-20 weeks.

How frequently is LeucoPatch® therapy applied?

LeucoPatch® is a typically a weekly treatment. Your clinician will advise if treatment will be more or less frequent than this. Each LeucoPatch® is essentially a delivery vehicle for the cellular components essential to re-establish wound healing. Therefore, a new patch is required periodically to provide fresh components into the wound.

How is a LeucoPatch® made?

Each LeucoPatch® is produced on demand in a disposable LeucoPatch® Device using the 3CP™ three step process. LeucoPatch® is produced from the patient’s own blood without the addition of reagents or additives and is a completely autologous product.

How much blood is required to make a LeucoPatch®?

Only a small volume of blood (18ml) is needed to produce each LeucoPatch®, which treats an area of 5cm². For larger wound areas, up to 4 LeucoPatch devices can be prepared at each treatment session.

What is the difference between LeucoPatch® and other blood derived products?

The amount of blood drawn is only 18ml, which is much less than some other devices that produce blood derived products.
Compared to other products (such as PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma) LeucoPatch® is much easier to prepare and it is truly autologous (no reagents, no bovine thrombin etc).
Also, LeucoPatch® is easier to handle and apply as it has good physical integrity whereas products such as PRP are often gels, which can be difficult to apply to the wound and runs off.
LeucoPatch® active cell therapy components are concentrated in the platelet and leucocyte layers not trapped in a homogeneous gel.
LeucoPatch® has strong in-vitro data and is well characterised and LeucoPatch has strong clinical evidence.

Are the components in the LeucoPatch® System latex free?

Yes, all components used in the LeucoPatch® system are latex free.

Is LeucoPatch® available in my country?

Please contact us to check this as we are continually updating our sales support and distribution network.