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Study Shows Effectiveness of LeucoPatch in Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers

A newly published study using LeucoPatch, a unique active wound therapy, developed by Reapplix ApS (Reapplix), has been published showing that LeucoPatch was highly effective in healing diabetic foot ulcers. The multicentre study, which is published in The Journal of Wound Care, tested LeucoPatch in healing diabetic foot ulcers in 44 hard to heal patients. Only patients with ulcers that had persisted for at least eight weeks and had no or low wound area reduction, despite the use of conventional treatments, were included. The researchers found that in patients with an ulcer duration of less than six months, 73% of ulcers were healed when using LeucoPatch. In addition, the study found that no serious adverse events were related to the use of LeucoPatch. Based on this positive outcome, Reapplix is currently conducting a large scale randomized controlled trial of 250 patients in 28 centres across Europe and expects to report the data from this in early 2017. Diabetic foot ulcers are a major complication in diabetes, with up to 25% of patients being affected. Also, diabetic foot ulcers precede 80% of all lower leg amputations. At the same time, they are particularly difficult to manage, requiring intensive treatment.

Commenting on the news, Rasmus Lundquist, Chief Scientific Officer at Reapplix said:

“Diabetic foot ulcers are a significant problem, and with the increasing levels of diabetes in society are set to become an even greater problem. As around 40% cannot be healed within one year using optimal current wound care methods, they have a significant impact on quality of life and are extremely costly. However, this new data shows that LeucoPatch is effective in treating diabetic foot ulcers, and there is an opportunity to make a significant difference to patient outcomes and overall healthcare costs.”

Graeme Brookes, Chief Executive Officer at Reapplix, added:

“The publication of this study is excellent news for Reapplix. The data is strong and compelling and we can leverage this as we build out our commercialisation efforts in Europe and continue to develop our market access plans for the USA.”

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